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I purchased an engine on eBay, the seller used YRC to ship. I, of course, paid for it. It's a day's drive, I wish I'd just driven it. The engine would have been in my car last week. As it is, the car just sits on a lift waiting for an engine that should have been here two weeks ago.

Your shipment will get to you when it gets to you - if it gets to you. If you complain too loudly, they will hang up on you. You will only get one warning - so watch your temper or you will have to get back in line in "Phone Hold ***

If somehow you get your shipment only a week late - you are truly blessed. Rush out an buy a lottery ticket because things are going your way!

Their tracking is a joke, they retroactively change it to reflect whatever they want it to reflect. When your package doesn't arrive, they simply state the dates are an "estimate". My shipment was supposed to get here the 19th. The date was changed to the 22nd, followed by the 23rd, followed by the 25th. Today, the shipment is lost. Who knows where it is...

In my opinion, you are putting your reputation at risk by using this company. It's a prime example of what's wrong with the shipping industry America. You've been warned.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Incompetence, Lack of customer service, Random delivery, Lost shipment.

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Your title says it all. LTL carriers are primarily concerned with multi-million dollar business to business contracts.

While corporate mandates that they accept one-off and residential moves, at the local terminal level these are considered wastes of time and resources. Sending a driver to the same commercial dock day in and day out requires a known quantity of time, sending a driver with a tractor trailer down an unknown residential street requires an unknown expenditure which often exceeds the revenue of the shipment.There is a serious shortage of qualified drivers in this country, and the number of hours they can work per week is limited by the government. As such, the limiting factor for a local terminal is the number of hours they have available to work in a given week. If they are out straight, they are going to keep their major accounts happy before even thinking about your one time move.As for the customer service aspect, you're simply the 100th + person who has yelled at them today, they're pretty much numb.

As difficult as it may be, you're far better off to kill them with kindness as they may then actually help you.The tracking system (full disclosure: I'm former YRC Freight management) is an automated system which updates the date the customer can see every night based on where the freight is in the system.

The date is not being physically altered by a human, it's simply the computer calculating transit, break bulk, and relay times to destination.I'm not writing this to justify any of the above, just hopefully providing a little insight into what is going on behind the scenes. I left YRC Freight as the level of dysfunction, low employee morale, and senior management's inability to comprehend reality are beyond words.

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